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This is the ultimate yacht CV creation package that is guaranteed to get you hired. The CV is tailor-made to suit your unique personality and completely rewritten to stand out. It is infused with power verbs and written tight so that every word packs a punch.


Show a captain or owner WHY you are the best candidate for the job.



In this one-hour session:

  • I help you discover your unique superpowers that will help you find a job on board a yacht. Yachting is a diverse industry and there are many ways to excel. What captains look for in a crew member is someone who will bring that little bit of extra something to the table. What is unique about you? What are your special talents? What is going to make the guests have the most fantastic time on board – this is the raison d' être of working on a yacht.
  • I answer any questions you have regarding finding work, etiquette required on board, visas, seamans discharge books, career progression, salary expectations, the different roles on board, minimum certification needed for each role and what the must-haves are.
  • How your current qualifications and certificates will help you on board
  • USA versus the Med – visa information, dockwalking, accommodation, networking
  • Any questions you have regarding the industry, how to find a job, interview strategies and more!


  • POST session follow up: I constantly follow up with all my clients tracking their job process and sending encouragement. I also submit their CVs to my network and send them job posts that I think are relevant – value 99 EUR FREE.


CV Includes:

  • Copy editing where I rewrite your CV using information I have discovered in your coaching session; I take the skills and experience that you already have and translate them into skills that are needed on board so that captains want to interview you
  • CV formatting onto a professional template that is pleasing to the eye and easy to read
  • Ensures all the necessary information is on there
  • Copy editing for grammar and spelling
  • Advice on your photo headshot
  • 2 revisions after the first draft is sent. Any changes after that are charged at EUR 10 per edit for the current session



Career Boosting CV

  • For all CVs it is required that you fill out the following form before work will commence on your CV.

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