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How to Take a Yacht CV Headshot

Look down, look down, look up and smile :)

This has been my trick for the last 10 years to get the perfect photo while looking into the sun.

Some other headshot advice:


  • Place your photograph in the top corner of the CV (right or left is up to you depending on the layout of your CV)

  • Have a colour photo, black and white is so 80s

  • Compress your photo to be between 200-500kb i.e. not too small that it is pixelated but not too big so that the file is huge

  • Dress smart - polos for deck crew (ladies can get away with wearing a polo if they are applying for deck jobs), shirt and epaulettes for officers, a nice single colour blouse for interior and chef jacket for chefs

  • Show only your head and shoulders - not too close and not too far

  • Men need to be cleanly shaven

  • Women must have their hair neat and tidy (hairsprayed and clipped if tied back)

  • Look into the sun so your whole face is showing. Take the photo in the morning or afternoon so that your face is not covered in shadows

  • Take the photo with the sea or a marina and boats in the background. It is a mindset thing.

  • SMILE! 


  • Wear a hat, cap, sunglasses, large earrings or more than one earring, excessive jewellery

  • Pout! Remember that chief stewardesses are usually the first who vet interior CVs 

  • Be too stiff - a smile goes a long way

  • Squint. Remember to look down, look down, look up

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