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DAYWORK 101:For Crew Looking for Daywork

Updated: May 24, 2019

The Yacht Crew Coach answers some pertinent questions about how to succeed in dockwalking and finding daywork

Q: When do yachts need dayworkers?

Yachts mostly hire dayworkers to help turn the boat around during a busy charter season, during a shipyard period because hiring dayworkers is a lot less expensive than the labour supplied by the shipyard, to put the boat back together after a shipyard period or during a large event. If crew go on leave and the boat is between seasons they also might hire dayworkers to fill in for crew on leave instead of hiring a temp.

Q: When is the best time to look for daywork?

Make sure you get an early start and be on the docks by 08:00. Be mindful that the deck crew might still be in their morning meeting at 08:00 so if you see a group of people standing talking wait until they are finished.

Crew eat lunch between 12:00-13:00 and DO NOT like being disturbed during this hour. You will not make any friends if you ring the bell while they are eating or on the phone to loved ones. Take this chance to take a break and get something to eat yourself.

Crew generally finish work around 17:00 if in port and they do not have guests on board but I would recommend finishing before that and taking the time to apply for jobs online.

TIP: If you see a yacht getting a provisions delivery ask if you can help carry things - they may not hire you because they don't have a need for someone dayworking but you might make an impression on one of the crew. Crew often have large networks and the yachting industry is small. Being pro-active and helpful can go a long way to landing your first job. Who knows they might even invite you out for a beer after work and that is an ideal time to network!

Q: Should I register with crew agents?

Absolutely! Check with the crew agencies what times they set aside for appointments for crew and even though you most likely will not find a job through a crew agent it is still good to introduce yourself and get your profile started.

Always remember to have all your documents uploaded and profile up to date on their site before your interview.

Q: Why do I need to dockwalk?

This is possibly the most challenging and scary part of finding a job because crew can be downright rude to dockwalkers unfortunately. Do not take their rudeness personally. Remember that they might also have 100 things going on and sometimes boats can get up to 30 people ringing the bell a day, which takes a lot of time out of someones schedule to keep answering every call.