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Career Happiness

Revolution System


Imagine waking up, stretching to grab your phone to turn your alarm off and not having a sinking feeling in your stomach. You get ready for the day and are excited to leave your cabin. You feel refreshed and energised because you know that you are appreciated on board and have a good work-life balance (as much as can be had on a yacht).

  • Career Happiness

    Get more interviews and find a job you love
    Valid for one year
    • 1) Job history review to find your superpowers
    • 2) Find your passion and what motivates you
    • 3) Rewire how you think to cultivate confidence
    • 4) Career makeover - cover letter, CV, references
    • 5) Online presence revamp
    • 6) Networking strategies to get your CV in the back door

how it works

pay online

Pay in full online via the payment portal. All major credit cards are accepted as well as paypal.

If you are still unsure I would love to schedule a complimentary WhatsApp call with you to answer any questions. Please send me a message on +27721994636.

get in touch

Send an email to to outline your goals and objectives, attach your current CV and start the process.

decide on a time

Set up a time for your first session where we will meet online via Zoom. 

Each of the 6 sessions need to be scheduled at least a week apart.

The six sessions need to be used within 1 year. 

boost your career

Finally discover what is holding you back, how you can change it and how to kick your career into high gear. 

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