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Career Happiness

Revolution System

Imagine waking up, stretching to grab your phone to turn your alarm off and not having a sinking feeling in your stomach. You get ready for the day and are excited to leave your cabin. You feel refreshed and energised because you know that you are appreciated on board and have a good work-life balance (as much as can be had on a yacht).

1 Review your job history

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Discover your superpowers​

We take a look back at every job you’ve chosen, so that we can identify any patterns of behaviour that may contribute to why you feel bad in your current role, and work to change them so you will be ready for that next great job!

In this process I help you discover your amazing transferable skills and abilities, setting up a solid foundation for your next career move.

2 Find your passion

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What motivates you?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you need your job and your life to look like in order to be happy? How do you achieve this?

We use a detailed process to uncover your passion and your WHY, so that we can move forward with finding the best way for you to be happy in your career. We uncover what the ideal job looks like to you so that can ask the right questions in interviews.

3 Rewire how you think

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Cultivate your confidence​

We address your doubts, fears and anxiety head-on by rewiring how you think. I work with you to match your unique superpowers to skills needed on board for the position you desire. I work through any holes you have in your experience and help you put a positive spin on either not having enough longevity or having too much.

Understanding your skills and your WHY gives you an instant confidence boost!

4 Makeover time

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CV, cover letter and references

With only five seconds to grab a captain’s attention, your CV needs to be sharp. I revamp your CV using the information from your previous sessions.

I help you reach out to past employers for a reference letter so that you gain more credibility. I also create your kick-ass cover letter and show you how to align the text in your job application to the job description – a process that builds trust and makes you instantly more hireable.

5 Online presence

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Tackling the technical side​

We examine your social media presence to make sure there are no skeletons lurking in the closet that could hold you back from getting an awesome job (like your best friend’s birthday party where you did all those tequila shots).

We get you set up on LinkedIn, a powerful business networking tool, even for yachties! We identify other yachting online communities for you to join or be a part of.

6 Networking

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It’s not what you know

Your career success is 100% related to who you know. Before job posts are sent out they get sent to a selection of people first. We strategise the exact people you need to be targeting to back-door your job hunting process and how to get your CV in front of the person making the hiring decision BEFORE a job gets posted to the masses.

I show you how to build the perfect supportive career network and community to ensure you end up in a great job, now and in the future.

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